The Ivory Secret bridal boutique – Terms & Conditions

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Terms and conditions for Eleanor Rafferty & designer bridal gowns

Congratulations, you have entered into an agreement with The Ivory Secret in which both parties aspire, through collaborative consultations, to select and/or create your gown to your specifications. A joint agreement indicates a partnership in which there are obligations for each party. The purchase of an Eleanor Rafferty or designer gown from The Ivory Secret is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Our contract is with the person whose name appears on the front of the order form.

Our promise to you as an Ivory Secret client, is as follows:

To offer experience and expertise relating to viewing, trying and selecting your chosen gown by providing a range of dress styles and sizes, plus bridal accessories as samples for clients to try in the boutique.

To keep clients up to date with information relating to the order.

To offer storage for clients gown from its arrival at the boutique until collection on an agreed date.

The clients responsibilities are as follows:

To respect and love our samples as much as we do, so that each potential client can enjoy them too.

To sign terms and conditions entering into the agreement, paying the initial payment and subsequently the balance(s) for the Designer/ Eleanor Rafferty gown at the appropriate times. Upon initial payment the client is agreeing to pay the full amount as per the payment terms outlined in this contract.

1: Definitions

1.1 Designer means Eleanor Rafferty and/or Elizabeth Rafferty.

1.2 The Ivory Secret/we means the retail establishment you are purchasing your ordered items from.

1.3 Client/you/bride is the person who is purchasing the gown, or that the gown is being designed & constructed for.

1.4 Eleanor Rafferty gown is a bespoke gown or made-to-measure gown from the Eleanor Rafferty collection.

1.5 Designer gown is a gown from all other designer collections stocked at The Ivory Secret.

1.6 Price is the total cost of the goods including VAT.

1.7 Toile is the pattern template constructed for a bespoke or designer gown for the 1st fitting as a starting point for cutting the fabric chosen, or previously purchased by the client.

1.8 Initial payment is the non refundable sum of money required to place and secure the order.

1.9 Balance, though varying for each type of gown, is the remaining non refundable sum payable obliged to be paid as per terms upon placing the initial payment.

1.10 Fittings are the time & process required to ensure suitable fit of the final gown.

1.11 Gown/accessories is/are the dress and any additional items which the client has ordered such as sash, bolero etc.

2: Process, sizing, fittings, alterations and payment for an Eleanor Rafferty gown

2.1 For an Eleanor Rafferty gown, an initial consultation is offered to establish ideas & sketches. A designer sketch will be produced during the consultation and fabric samples chosen. The latter may be loaned to the client to enable final decision re ordering. An estimated cost will be prepared for the client. Once the client has agreed to proceed, the sketch and fabric samples will be provided. Although the designer aims to assist in the choice of design and colour schemes for your bespoke gown, the final decision is deemed to be made by the client and the subsequent construction based on that choice.

2.2 We ask the client to allow basic measurements to be taken on the 1st consultation which enables the toile to be prepared in advance of the 1st fitting (toile), which will be calendared once the client has confirmed the order in writing, either by post or via e-mail.

2.3 For both an Eleanor Rafferty bespoke gown or a made-to-measure gown from the Eleanor Rafferty collection, 1/3rd of the total cost is required to confirm the order. This may be paid as cash or card payment payable to The Ivory Secret. An order form will be completed, allowing for any agreed additional items to be added; the ongoing balance to be amended accordingly. Please note once the initial payment is made the bride is committing to paying the balance as per the payment terms. All payments made are deemed to be non-refundable.

2.4 Ordering of fabric & notions will commence after the 1st fitting (toile), when estimated costs may be revised in respect of design amendments and/or, additional requirements. We aim to ensure the client’s needs are met at each stage without incurring additional costs; if, however the client requests an alteration to the design, additional costs may be incurred.

2.5 Should the client wish to use their own fabrics, Eleanor Rafferty/ The Ivory Secret cannot be held responsible for the working quality of the fabric although, aims to make best use of the same in striving to meet the client’s wishes.

2.6 Between the 1st & 2nd fittings, the toile will be adjusted as required from 1st fitting and the client’s choice of fabric plus additional notions required, purchased, cut & constructed to enable the next fitting (2nd). The client must maintain body measurements from this stage onwards.

2.7 The number of fittings will vary according to the complexity of the gown and fit. The designer is able to estimate only, this number in advance, whilst aiming to keep the number manageable & appreciating the additional costs & hours for the client.

2.8 Clients must have available chosen undergarments and shoes which will be worn with the gown for all fittings. This is helpful in achieving consistency during fittings. The designer would request to be informed of any plans to lose or gain weight, at this stage. Once the toile is properly fitted, subsequent fittings will be based on that information and the designer cannot be held responsible for the client’s anticipated changes in body shape necessitating excessive amendments to the gown which may incur extra charges.

2.9 At the 2nd fitting, the client should be able to fully visualise the total effect of the gown made up in the client’s fabric choice. Further fitting alterations may be necessary at this stage to achieve the required fit & shape. 1/3rd of the total amount of an Eleanor Rafferty Bespoke gown or a made-to-measure gown from the Eleanor Rafferty collection is payable on or before the 2nd fitting, using same methods as previously outlined in 2.3. The total balance is payable on or before the collection of the clients gown.

2.10 In the unfortunate event that the order needs to be cancelled payments made to date are deemed to be non-refundable as per clause 2.3. Any moneys owed are dependent on the amount of work carried out and fabrics used at the time of cancellation and will be calculated at the Designers discretion. The cancellation must be in written format and addressed to The Ivory Secret for the cancellation to be confirmed. The Ivory Secret suggest rather than stipulate that the client take out wedding insurance.

2: Process, sizing, fittings, alterations and payment for a designer gown

2.11 For a designer gown, the client will be assisted to select their gown from the collection in a suitable size; however the final decision of sizing is at the customer’s discretion. The Ivory Secret cannot be held responsible for any weight loss or gain after confirmation of the ordered size. The customer’s gown will be individually fitted once delivered to The Ivory Secret; however the client is not obliged to have the gown alterations carried out at The Ivory Secret. A minimum of nine months should be allowed from order through to collection; though arrangements can be flexible where possible. Upon order confirmation an initial payment of minimum 50% of the total cost of the gown is required. The balance payment of a designer gown is due on or before the client’s gown arrives at The Ivory Secret. Please note once the initial payment is made the bride is committing to paying the balance as per the payment terms. All payments made are deemed to be non-refundable. If purchasing a sample gown, the payment must be made in full. Sample Sale gowns are sold as seen and the balance payment on sample gowns is non-refundable. All payments may be paid as cash or card payment.

2.12 An appointment for a fitting will be offered once the gown is in stock, generally allowing two/ three months for any alterations required to be completed prior to final collection when the bride will take her gown. At this fitting it is important that the bride retains her current size until the brides wedding date unless advised otherwise. Further fittings and alterations are chargeable. We advise that the client has available undergarments and shoes for each fitting. This is helpful in achieving consistency during fittings. The cost of alterations will be assessed, quoted & included in the balance payable on the first fitting.

2.13 The Ivory Secret needs to use the full space for client fittings and to give undivided attention during the fitting. Therefore, The Ivory Secret are unable to offer fittings on a Saturday and after-hours. Please note these times tend to be very busy with brides looking at the collections; The Ivory Secret don’t want any risk of damage to the clients dress should the boutique be busy with other brides and guests.

2.14 The payment schedule for accessories is for an initial payment of 50% to be taken when the client places the order, with the balance payment being due on or before the item has arrived at The Ivory Secret. Please note once the initial payment is made the bride is committing to paying the balance as per the payment terms. All payments made are deemed to be non-refundable.

2.15 In the unfortunate event that an order for a designer gown or accessory needs to be cancelled the initial payment is deemed to be non-refundable as per clause 2.10. The order for the designer gown is placed with the designer by The Ivory Secret upon signed confirmation by the client; therefore, the balance must be paid in full upon cancellation. The cancellation must be in written format and addressed to The Ivory Secret for the cancellation to be confirmed. The Ivory Secret suggest rather than stipulate that the client take out wedding insurance.

3. Payments and Collection

3.1 Any item purchased currently part of The Ivory Secret stock (ie a sample), housed on the premises and are taken off the shop floor, require full balance to be paid.

3.2 Should the client choose to have alterations to their gown done elsewhere The Ivory Secret is not able to store the gown and would require the client to take their dress off the premises within 10 days of it arriving at The Ivory Secret.

3.3 Collection date will be negotiated and agreed by The Ivory Secret with the client.

3.4 Once the gown is collected from The Ivory Secret, the gown is no longer the responsibility of The Ivory Secret & becomes the sole responsibility of the client. Every effort will be made to ensure the gown is able to be safely transported; i.e. handed over to the client in a suitable gown bag.

3.5 All gowns remain the property of The Ivory Secret until amount payable is paid for in full.

3.6 Any excess fabric from the construction or alterations process are the property of the client and may be taken with the gown or bequeathed to The Ivory Secret.

4. Design & reproduction

4.1 The design illustrated & constructed for the client is the property of the designer. The client may not reproduce in part or full without the express permission of the designer.

5. Faulty items

5.1 The Ivory Secret would hope that the client would not have any reason to make contact regarding faulty workmanship. The Ivory Secret will aim to repair any faults which is agreed to be due to faulty workmanship within a reasonable negotiated period of time to fit in with client date commitments. Post wedding alterations and amendments to the original design will be undertaken on request and a cost negotiated with the client e.g. a wedding gown altered in length to provide a more versatile garment, a christening gown or other miscellaneous items.

6. Data protection & personal details

6.1 The Ivory Secret will respect the client’s personal data. The Ivory Secret use the information given to place the order with the relevant Designer and to enable the client’s gown to be constructed or altered to design requirements. The Ivory Secret will not disclose any information without the client’s consent.

6.2 The Ivory Secret may ask the clients permission to photograph the client’s gown or to send a picture of the client in the gown on the wedding day for marketing purposes. We would also ask clients to provide a testimonial online and/ or in our comments book. Your signing of the Terms & Conditions sheet, and initial payment indicate your intention to enter into an agreement with The Ivory Secret and to fulfil the remaining payment obligations which are relevant to the gown/ accessory chosen.


Updated 4th December 2019